Cocoa Butter For Stretch Marks – Does It Make A Difference?

Those who suffer from stretch marks know the embarrassment the unsightly marks can cause. It seems as if some stretch marks are permanent without visiting a dermatologist and receiving pricey treatments. While it may be a new idea, you can use cocoa butter for stretch marks with relatively good success in many cases.

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Cocoa butter is a fat the is derived from cocoa beans. These beans are first melted down, and the fat is taken out and formed into a butter.  This cocoa butter has multiple properties that are beneficial to the skin. It protects against sun damage, penetrates deep to prevent stretch marks from developing, and has also been shown to smooth out stretch marks that are already there.

How Do You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using Cocoa Butter?

The trick is the cocoa butter smoothing out the skin. In order for this to happen, it needs to be used on a consistent basis. The best results are seen when used every 1-2 days. The results won’t be immediate, though; it may take several months before you see the stretch marks disappearing.

You need to focus most on areas that are prone to getting stretch marks, such as the thighs, hips, breasts and stomach. Pregnancy is a common culprit in producing stretch marks, as well as rapid weight gain. The quick changes to the skin cause it to stretch out. This leaves marks on prone areas. Cocoa butter provides flexibility for the skin by smoothing it and decreasing marks.

Cocoa Butter For Stretch Marks Plus Increased Moisture

Cocoa butter is also good for moisturizing the skin. Skin that retains moisture is less likely to experience damage than dry skin. Doctors and dermatologists frequently recommend it for this reason to women who are pregnant. The skin, which is slowly getting stretched throughout the pregnancy, the added moisture helps skin as it expands.

Although this product has gained a reputation as a miracle product, it is not quite as effective as microdermabrasion with a dermatologist. Results can also take longer than you want to wait. This is why you need to select a product that contains cocoa butter and other ingredients.

Many of these products are created to hydrate skin and eliminate stretch marks. Ingredients that are effective include collagen and other oils to smooth skin, as well as antioxidant and vitamins. Many of these products are not only cheaper than going to the dermatologist for a treatment, but also get the job done.

You might want to research several products to find which ones get the best customer reviews. If you are looking for ways to get rid of your stretch marks, or just want to find ways to prevent them, make sure to find a good product that comes with a solid guarantee. Many people have experienced great results using cocoa butter for stretch marks and there are many experts who recommend it.

Stubborn Stretch Marks May Need More Help

Simple solutions such as cocoa butter are great for preventing stretch marks as well as keeping your skin moisturized. However, older stretch marks may need something a bit more intensive to really get rid of them or fade them significantly. One particular product on the market has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of stretch marks by up to 72.5% after just 2 months of continued use. If you have stubborn stretch marks, you know that’s impressive. Best of all, this stretch mark cream comes with a 90-day money back guarantee so you’ll have plenty of time to see if it’s working. Click here to get more details.

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