Powerful Combination For Anti-Aging Skincare

You already know that Vitamin A is a powerful anti-aging skincare ingredient. But did you know that there is another effective treatment that can be used in combination with Vitamain A products for exceptional results?

Which Is a Better Anti Aging Treatment – Vitamin A or AHA’s?

We often talk about Vitamin A products as the most effective choice for an anti-aging skincare regimen. Another effective treatment which can be used in combination with certain Vitamin A products under the right circumstances is a chemical exfoliant.

Chemical exfoliants generally include alpha hydroxyl acid or beta hydroxyl acid. AHA glycolic acid is the most popular of these products and is available in concentrations ranging from eight to fifteen percent. The concentration you choose should be based upon your skin’s sensitivity. It’s a good idea to start at the low end and build up as your skin adjusts to the treatments.

Both Vitamin A products and exfoliants provide powerful anti-aging benefits for your skin. Improvements you should expect when used consistently as part of an anti-aging skincare program include:

- Removal of dead skin cells
- Skin cell repair and new growth
- Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
- Collagen production
- Improved skin tone and texture
- Decreased size of pores
- Acne and blemish improvement

With any skincare program, always choose quality products from reputable companies. Healthy Skin Care Treatments continuously searches for the best product lines to bring you safe and effective skin care choices.

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