Skin Care For Women… It’s Complicated

Skincare for women can be complicated. During various stages of a woman’s life, skin and its required care can fluctuate dramatically.

Generally speaking, the skin’s outward appearance can be a reflection of a woman’s general health. Healthy skin is the result of good nutritional choices including adequate hydration, a healthful lifestyle and low stress levels. On the other hand, the skin will show signs of poor health choices such as smoking, poor nutrition that includes too much sodium and alcohol and not enough of the good stuff.

Skincare For Young Adults

During the teenage years and young adult-hood, acne breakouts are very common among women and girls. Although men and boys experience acne issues as well, women tend to be bothered by it more. These earlier years are a time when much attention is given to appearance and the face is always front and center. It is during these early years that good skin care habits are important to develop. Steps taken at this stage will help to prevent premature aging issues in the future.

Among the best habits to start are daily cleansing and moisturizing when needed along with diligent sun protection. Even though it can be tempting to get a sun tan or use tanning beds during this time in life, most women regret such decisions later on. With the selection of self-tanning products available today, there is no need to tempt fate in the burning sun. Self-tanning products provide a realistic looking tan in a safe fashion.

Skincare During Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, everything changes. Products must be reviewed to be sure the ingredients are safe and will not harm the unborn child. Any determined to be unsafe during pregnancy should be put away for later or discarded completely.

For those who have normal skin, pregnancy can result in more oil production so there may once again be acne issues to deal with. Exfoliating and deep cleansing will help to bring oily skin under control. Another concern will be keeping proper moisture levels in the skin. While your face may remind you of an oil slick, your growing belly will develop stretch marks if not properly cared for. Preventative action is not difficult using many of the excellent stretch mark creams on the market today.

Another caution during pregnancy – sometimes the pigmentation in the skin changes during this time making you more likely to get a sunburn. Wearing sunscreen is just as important now as it ever was. Be sure to protect your skin against sun damage that could result in premature aging and wrinkles down the road.

Skincare During Menopause

Hormonal fluctuations during this stage of life can cause the skin to change again. Signs of aging such as wrinkled and sagging skin may become apparent. Many women begin to notice unwanted facial hair as well. And just when you thought acne was a thing for the younger generation, think again! Also common are dark “age spots” and broken blood vessels.

Anti wrinkle creams, skin lighteners and moisturizing creams all work to remedy these skin issues that come about during menopause. And just as in the earlier years, continue to consistently use sun protection. It is the best way to prevent further damage to the skin. Fortunately, research has come a long way and there are many good skincare products available to help most every skin issue you could encounter.

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