Will a Sunless Tanner Give Me a Fake Looking Tan?

Sun Tans – Safety vs. Beauty

With all the news about sun damage causing premature aging, wrinkled skin and even skin cancer, do you feel doomed to a life of pale skinned summers?  Or, do you like to live dangerously and tempt fate while you enjoy beautiful tanned skin right now?

These are questions we all have had to face in the last several years.  Although the sun protection education provided has done it’s job of warning us about the dangers of the sun, it has done little to help us feel attractive in a bathing suit.

By now everyone knows the sun can be dangerous and that over-exposure can lead to premature aging, skin damage and even cancer. Sunscreen is considered an essential skin care product that should be applied every day before venturing outside. It has become a routine for us, just like brushing our teeth and cleansing our face each morning.

No matter how much we learn about sun damage from UVA and UVB rays, the majority of us still want a beautiful suntan. It’s really an interesting dilemma…we know the sun will damage our skin eventually, but we want to look good now!

The solution, of course, is to use a good self tanning product. Gone are the days when self-tanners caused those ugly orange, fake-looking tans that wouldn’t fade fast enough. The products on the market today produce realistic tans that last several days and contain ingredients that can actually improve the condition of your skin.

One of the best products we have found is the Fake Bake line. Although the name says “fake”, the look of the tan it produces is anything but. Fake Bake products consistently produce natural-looking tans and were voted the best self-tanner in the United Kingdom by Women’s Cosmetic Guide. Several celebrities including Madonna rely on these products for their star-quality tans.

DHA is the active tanning ingredient in the Fake Bake line and the formula is designed to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin for an intense but natural look. Color will stay for days without fading when used according to package directions. And, Fake Bake is good for the skin…it contains rich moisturizers that dramatically soften and smooth the skin. You can check out the Fake Bake line here.

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